From Servicing & Repairs to Bespoke Builds

As cycling enthusiasts, we understand just how important your bike is to you and that’s exactly how important it is to us. Our fully trained and experienced technicians will ensure you receive the best service possible each and every time you leave your bike in our care.

Our fully fitted workshop offers a complete range of service packages, repairs, restoration and builds. From simple puncture repairs and part replacements to a complete build of your dream ride - it's all available right here!

Have any questions or looking for advice? Telephone us on 01352 715716 or visit our Workshop during open times.

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Workshop Service Packages

Our 3 core packages offer great value for money. Regular servicing is key to keeping your bike in tip top condition & running smoothly so you can fully enjoy your cycling experience. Call 01352 715716 to book.

Bronze Service £34.99 (plus parts)

  • The bike will be inspected by the workshop manager or technician upon arrival. A visual and mechanical check will be carried out to highlight worn/damaged components. This information will be conveyed to the customer and choice of replacements parts agreed
  • Safety Check, check all bolts for correct torque
  • Basic Brake Adjustments
  • Basic Gear adjustments
  • Pump up Tyres to correct PSI and condition check
  • Replace frayed cable ends (If required)
  • Headset bearing check
  • Wheel bearing check
  • Check wheel true-ness
  • Chain Lubrication
  • Recommendations for future work

See Terms & Conditions (T& C's tab above)

Call 01352 715716 to book.

Silver Service £49.99 (plus parts)

Includes everything in the Bronze Package plus:

  • Replacement and lubrication of any gear Inner and outer cables required (cables will be chargeable)
  • Replacement of New Tyres/ Inner tubes If required (chargeable)
  • Chain, Chainset and Cassette de-grease and re-lube (if required)
  • Cleaning of frame and other parts if required (£8 surcharge)
  • True wheels and replacement of spokes if required (spokes and additional fitting labour are chargeable)
  • Replacement of Brake pads if required and re-alignment (disc and rim brakes)
  • Check and adjust all bearings (bearings stripped, cleaned and greased where required subject to additional labour charge)

Terms & Conditions apply (T& C's tab above)

Call 01352 715716 to book.

Gold Service £99.99 (plus parts)

  • All components stripped from the frame, checked for wear and cleaned if to be serviced/ replaced
  • Frame alignment checked including, gear hanger, dropouts and rear triangle (If applicable) and re-aligned If possible. All threads checked, cleaned and retapped as necessary. Head tube and BB faces checked and refaced as necessary. In event of any re-alignment not being possible the customer to be advised at this point. Frame checked for corrosion.
  • All serviceable bearings to be stripped and re-greased using new ball bearings
  • All cables renewed - Inner and outer (Cables will be chargeable)
  • Wheels checked for rim wear, buckles and damage. If rim is 70% or less of original thickness when new, the customer to be advised to have rim replaced and wheels rebuilt or new wheel. Spokes checked for tension using spoke tensionmeter. Wheels trued as necessary. Cones and spindles checked for wear and replaced as necessary. Freehub body checked for wear/function.
  • All transmission components checked for wear and serviced or replaced as necessary. To include: - chain, cassette, pulley wheels, adjuster screws and chainring (s). Ensure all adjuster screws are not binding. Grease as necessary.
  • Brakes checked for wear and brake blocks/pads replaced as necessary (not included in price) and I.S/post disc mount faced If required, replacing brake fluid If required/ full bleed
  • Brake rotors checked for wear and minimum thickness and trueness
  • Headset checked for play/wear and serviced as necessary.
  • All components reassembled on to the frame using correct torque settings where applicable with correct fitting agent (Loctite, anti-seizing gels etc)
  • Transmission and brakes set for optimum function and efficiency
  • Road tested and signed off as being roadworthy by technician

Note: Any parts used are in addition to the price of the service.

Suspension fork service, rear shock, suspension linkage and hydraulic brake fluids are not part of the Gold Service.

However obvious faults in suspension forks to be highlighted to customer at the time the cycle is booked in for service (where possible) or during service if issues found.

Terms & Conditions apply (T& C's tab above)

Call 01352 715716 to book.

Important Notice

All Workshop Service Packages are subject to the following terms:

  • All prices exclude parts
  • Badly worn, maintained or seized components will be charged extra
  • It will also be agreed that upon disassembly of all components from the frame, any further components to be replaced will first be agreed with the customer. However, Life on Wheels reserves the right not to offer a full guarantee If, upon the advice of the mechanic/workshop manager, the owner of the cycle will not agree to the replacement
  • The technician will, in all instances, endeavour to service a component before suggesting replacement of that part.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or speak to our cycle technician when you bring your bike in.

To book your bike in for a service or repair, or if you have any questions regarding our Bike Workshop Service Packages, please don't hesitate to contact us. Feel free to telephone the workshop during open times or you're more than welcome to ask our cycle technician for advice and to discuss any concerns when you bring your bike in.

eBike Servicing & Repairs

Life on Wheels are an Approved eBike Service Centre with in-house Bosch and Shimano Certified Technicians.

Service Price
eBike Servicing (please ask for details) POA
eBike Software Update £35.00

General Services & Labour Rates

Service Price
Gear Adjustment (Front & rear) £25.00
Gear Cable Fitting £20.00
Gear Service: Strip, clean, refit & set up £35.00
Brake Adjustment (front & rear) £25.00
Brake Service: Clean brake surface & pads, refit & set up £35.00
Hydraulic Brake Bleeding (per brake) £30.00
True Wheel £20.00
Replace Broken Spoke £22.50
Hub Service (per wheel) £25.00
Fit New Wheel (front) £20.00
Fit New Wheel (rear, inc. realignment of gears) £25.00
Wheelbuild (per wheel, max 36 spokes exclusive of components) £75.00
Innertube Replacement (wheel supplied off bike) - per wheel, excl. inner tube cost £8.00
Innertube Replacement (wheel supplied on bike) - per wheel, excl. innertube cost £10.00
Full Mudguard Sets £35.00
Fit Computer £15.00
Fit Rack £35.00
Fit Grips/Bar Tape £15/£20
Handling Fee for Removal of Suspension Unit, Postage, Refitting & Adjustment (if we cannot service the unit) £35.00
Build Up Boxed Bike £65.00
Box up Bike for Transport £45.00
Insurance/Crash Assessment (incl. of report) £75.00
Suspension Fork Service, from: £85.00
Rear Shock Service, from: £75.00
Reverb Service, from: £65.00
Shock Bushings (per end) £20.00
Replacement Sealed Bearings (each, from:)   £8.00

All replacement bearings are high quality stainless steel.

Ceramic Bearings are available if requested.

Minimum Labour Charge for any job: £10.00