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Buying a Bike

Some important things to consider when purchasing a bike

At Life on Wheels we like to support our customers every step of the way in all aspects of cycling, including buying a bike. There are lots of things to consider when purchasing a bike and important aspects should not be overlooked.

Here's our top tips to ensure you get the ride that's right for you:

Is the cost of the first service covered?

A regular service keeps your bike efficient and therefore more enjoyable to ride, also ensuring longer component life while importantly maintaining its safety.

The average cost of a bike service is around £45.00 - we include a complimentary first service with every new bike purchased.

Has the bike been specifically fitted to you?

An ill fitting or wrongly sized bike can cause back/knee/hip problems or even all three! making your bike inefficient and uncomfortable to ride, particularly on longer journeys.

Our ‘2-stage’ fitting process firstly ensures that the bike is correctly sized for you, before then making adjustments to controls, brakes, saddle and handlebar height/reach.

Are you required to assemble it yourself?

All bikes purchased from the internet require assembling, with gears and brakes being particularly problematic to set up. The correct tools and a knowledgeable understanding are also required to get this right.

An incorrectly assembled bike can lead to serious injury - our highly skilled staff will ensure that your expertly assembled bike will be ready to go as soon as you are!

Has your new bike had a pre-delivery safety inspection?

New motor vehicles all go through a pre-delivery inspection as a matter of course, but this isn’t always the case with bikes, they are often delivered without any sort of safety inspection - associated issues can include:

  • Brakes incorrectly fitted or set
  • Gearing incorrectly adjusted
  • Wheels loose and/or incorrectly fitted
  • Tyre rotation in wrong direction
  • Headsets and/or bottom brackets loose
  • Incorrect torque settings used

At Life on Wheels you can ride off safe in the knowledge that you or your loved one's bike has been assembled and checked for safety by our experts to ensure that your ride is safe, efficient and enjoyable.

As cycle enthusiasts ourselves, we are always happy to discuss your requirements and to offer our expert advice and a free measuring service. Just telephone 01352 715716 or call in at the shop any time during open times.


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