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Road Bikes

Road Bikes

Resident Expert - Mitch

As a chap who grew up in a city in the 70s and 80s, road biking was an obvious choice for me and I’ve been hooked ever since! Over the years I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience for riding, sourcing, servicing and building contemporary and vintage road bikes. Road biking is my passion.

We stock a vast range of road bikes from the following suppliers:
Cube, Colnago, Rondo, Lapierre, Diamondback & Raleigh

Hybrid Bikes

We also stock a fantastic range of Hybrid bikes from the following suppliers:
Cube, Raleigh & Halkhoff

Have any questions or looking for advice? Telephone us on 01352 715716 or visit our showroom during open times, alternatively, you can find a wealth of information & specifications on our dedicated online webshop.

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Gravel Bikes

(What's a gravel bike?)

More robust than a road bike and much quicker and lighter than a mountain bike. Gravel bikes offer an interesting option for the riders who want to travel on and off road. To put it simply, a gravel bike combines a road bike with a cyclo-cross bike. There adaptability, versatility, and ruggedness make them a perfect commuting bike, an ideal light touring or, a great winter training bike, or one bike that can just about tackle anything you throw at it! All gravel bikes have disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes offer more stopping power especially in wintery conditions or when riding off road. Gravel bikes tend to have more clearance which allows wider tyres which not only increase comfort but also increase grip levels. The extra clearance also allows the use of mudguards so many manufacturers use lugs with eyelets for ease of fitting. Altogether, this makes a very strong augment for owning a gravel bike!

Life on Wheels can supply these superb, 'goes anywhere' bikes from the likes of:


Digger Pro

Nukeproof Digger Pro, Life on Wheels

Digger 1.0

Nukeproof Digger 1.0

Digger 2.0

Nukeproof Digger 2.0



Rondo’s range even has variable geometry.


Road Bike Stock Brands include:

Stockist of cube MTB moountain bikes, Life on Wheels
Lapierre road bikes, cycles stockist, Life on Wheels, Holywell
Stockist of NS road cycles, bikes Life on Wheels, nr Chester
Stockist of Rondo road racing cycles, bikes, Life on Wheels, Holywell
Raleigh stockist, raleigh road cycles, bikes, Life on Wheels, Holywell
Ghost Road, Racing Cycle Stockists, Life on Wheels bike stockist, Flintshire