So, you’re thinking of buying an eBike? You’re not alone, as eBikeing is the fastest growing cycling trend ever. Like many of our satisfied eBike customers we know you’ll have questions to ensure you make the right choice for you. We’ve listed some of the most commonly asked questions below and if you need to know more or have a different question our highly trained and skilled team are on hand to help on 01352 715716

Commonly asked eBike questions

How does an ebike work?

It's like riding a conventional bike but with less effort from you. With a choice of 3 or 4 levels of assistance from an electric motor you can put in as much or as little effort as you want. You will still get fit but at your own pace, they really do bring the joy back to cycling!

What about hills and long distances?

As eBikes assist your pedalling, it’s like having the wind on your back all the time. If you come to a hill just use more assistance and glide up effortlessly, there’s ample power to get you up hills or travel distances you would never have thought possible.

Is an eBike for me?

eBikes are enjoyed by a vast range of people from Professional cyclists at the top of their game to people wanting to extend their distance or keep riding as the hills get a little tougher.

What speed can an eBike do?

All UK legal eBikes are limited to 25Kph/15.5mph. The average cycling speed is 18Kph/11.18mph.

How far can an eBike travel between charges?

It really depends on the model you choose, it can vary from up to 48K/30m to 190k/120m.

How easy is it to charge an eBike?

It’s as easy as charging your mobile phone, just plug the charger into any normal socket. The battery can be charged either on or off the bike and takes between 4 and 5 hours to charge completely from flat. However, you can top it up any time and it only costs around 10p to fully charge!

Can I use my eBike in all weather?

Yes! Fair weather, snow, rain, hail or shine you can go out on your eBike. If you’re up for it your eBike certainly will be!


Please note, all deposits taken on bikes/ebikes are non refundable.

Will my eBike come with a warranty?

At Life on Wheels all our eBikes come with a warranty and include the first service for free.

What are some of the benefits of using an eBike?

  • They are low maintenance
  • They are great for your health and for getting or keeping fit
  • You won’t be stuck in traffic should you use yours for commuting
  • They are very environment friendly so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet!
  • They allow you to enjoy more challenging rides
  • You'll be part of the fastest growing biking trend – The eBike tribe

What makes Life on Wheels eBike specialists?

We are one of the leading eBike specialist suppliers in Wales and we stock eBikes from the very best suppliers worldwide, all available to view in our showroom.

Why use Life on Wheels to supply your eBike?

Life on wheels has been servicing and caring for bikes for 31 years. We are a Bosch and Shimano certified eBike centre and we have a dedicated workshop with full tooling, electronic programming and diagnostic equipment allowing our technicians to keep your bike like new. We are proud of our fantastic reputation for the quality of our bike care and servicing.

We always have 25 – 40 eBikes on display at our North Wales showroom including Hybrid, Mountain (Hardtail and Full suspension) and bespoke commuting bikes and folders. We also carry a large range of demo bikes, so you can not only view your next bike, you can enjoy a demo ride and compare the makes and models. All our bikes are fully UK legal and employ the latest pedal assist technology.

We are proud of our reputation for looking after you and your bike and know how to keep your bike at its best. Our on-site workshops have full electronic diagnostic equipment allowing updates to motors, batteries and display’s ensuring a smooth ride.

With all our bikes at Life on Wheels, your first service will be free of charge and as were open from 10.00 am to 18.00pm Monday to Saturday, there’ s always time to get it to us.

Collection and Delivery of eBikes can be arranged

In addition to the mechanical up keep of your bike we also offer the following:

  • Service updates – Firmware and service interval recording with motor manufacturers maintaining your warranty
  • Full diagnostic coding investigation and removal
  • Change internal software programming to suit user requirements
  • Reset batteries
  • Head unit upgrades
  • Supply printed reports listing motor and battery performance
  • Key reprogramming

We provide all the services you could possibly require for your eBike and we pride ourselves on our amazing customer service and in-depth product knowledge. Pop in to see just what makes us one of Wales’ Leading Specialist eBike suppliers.

If you have any questions or need any advice, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team on 01352 715716.

Important things to consider when buying any bike

Is the cost of the first service covered?

Having your bike serviced regularly not only makes your bike more efficient and therefore, more enjoyable and easier to ride. It also maintains the safety of your bike and helps the components to last longer.

The average cost of a bike service is around £45.00. At life on Wheels we include a complimentary first service with ALL our New bikes.

Has the bike been specifically fitted to you?

An ill-fitting or wrongly sized bike can cause back, knee or hip problems or all three! It can make your bike inefficient and uncomfortable, especially on longer rides.

At Life on Wheels we are highly skilled in expertly fitting the bike to the you. With our 2-stage fitting process; Firstly, ensuring the bike is correctly sized for you then, where necessary, adjusting controls, brakes, saddle and handlebar height/reach to perfectly fit you. This 2-stage fitting service is included in the cost of your bike.

Do you need to assemble it yourself?

Most bikes require some assembly and every bike bought from the internet will require assembling after delivery. This could take up to 2 hours. The incorrect assembly of you bike could lead to costly damage or worse still safety issues. Gears and brakes are tricky to set up correctly and need expert knowledge to get this right. We regularly repair bikes that have been purchased elsewhere and have been incorrectly assembled.

With Life on Wheels your fully assembled and checked bike will be ready to go as soon as you are!

Has your new bike had a pre-delivery safety inspection?

All cars and motorbikes have a pre-delivery inspection as a matter of course but this is not always the case with bikes. They can often be sent out without any sort of safety inspection, we regularly set-up or repair bikes purchased elsewhere that have been sent to customers with the following assembly and safety issues:

  • Brakes incorrectly fitted or set
  • Gearing incorrectly adjusted
  • Loose wheels / wheels incorrectly fitted
  • Tyres on wrong way around
  • Loose headsets or Bottom Brackets

At Life on Wheels you can ride off safe in the knowledge that your (or your loved one’s) bike has been assembled and safety checked by our experts to ensure your ride is safe, efficient and enjoyable.

Our eBike Stock Brands include:

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NUKEPROOF eBike stockist Life on Wheels
EOVOLT Folding Electric bikes, eBike stockist Life on Wheels
Riese and Muller eBike stockist Life on Wheels
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